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Crocodile 'Arrested' For Chasing Fishermen

The unusual prisonerA crocodile has been arrested after lunging at a Territory fisherman. The 2.75m saltie spent the night in a cell. It was taken to a crocodile farm the next morning.

Parks and Wildlife senior ranger Phil Wise said it was probably the first time a crocodile had been thrown in the slammer. "It did its best not to be caught but wasn't aggressive - it came quietly in the end," he said.

Mr Wise and Nhulunbuy policeman Wade Marshall chased the croc that night in a dinghy and, on the fourth attempt, harpooned it. They taped the saltie's jaws closed and took it to Nhulunbuy police station. "We didn't want to release it at the crocodile farm that night," Mr Wise said. "So it was put in an unused cell."

Source: Ntnews
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