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Dentist Danced While Drilling, Suit Says

A woman is suing her dentist over a drill mishap.

Brandy Fanning said the dentist was dancing to the song "Car Wash" when the drill bit he was using got stuck in her sinus cavity. She said he was performing rhythmic steps to the song while doing an extraction.

The lawsuit says the inch-long drill bit punctured her sinus cavity and became lodged near her eye socket. The dentist was unable to remove it, and she spent three days in a hospital after having it surgically removed.

Fanning told the Syracuse Post-Standard that she still suffers facial swelling, nerve damage and chronic infections from the 2004 incident.

The dentist, George Trusty, did not comment on the lawsuit, which seeks $600,000 for Fanning's medical bills and her pain and suffering.

Source: Cbs5 & Kptv
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