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Four-Year-Old Boy Swam In Crocodile-Infested Waters

Daniel Woditj and familyA four-year-old boy has gone on an incredible five-hour adventure where he swam alone in crocodile-infested waters - and locals believe a spirit lured him away from his family.

Daniel left his house after eating breakfast with his family last Monday morning at the Peppimenarti Community, 200km south-west of Darwin. Parents Captain and Mary Woditj, noticed Daniel was missing two hours later and alerted the rest of the community.

After walking for several kilometres, Daniel came to a creek and swam across it. Four of his dogs "bailed up" at the creek but the youngster continued on undaunted with his puppy to a second creek.

Daniel swam the second croc-infested creek and walked on for several more kilometers.

The toddler was found five-and-a-half hours after he set off from his parents' house playing in a creek with his puppy.

Source: Daily Telegraph
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