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Girl, 2, Sent Fine for Speeding at 65mph

Ayesha KhanA baffled mum was told by police to pay up or face court after her two-year-old daughter was fined for speeding.

Cute toddler Ayesha Khan was apparently clocked driving 65mph (105km/h) in a 40mph (64km/h) zone by South Yorkshire Police.

Despite mum Sharna's protests, dozy police insisted someone would have to cough up or they faced a court appearance.

Mrs Khan said: "Ayesha is only two years old, she cannot even reach the pedals of a car and can only just ride her bicycle."

Police finally admitted they had made a mistake after Sharna proved she was in Huddersfield as the time and the car's registration didn't match their car.

Source: This Is London
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Maybe she clocked that speed using her bicycle? :P

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