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Holy Pancake Auctioned On eBay

Holy pancakeA South Florida woman got a spiritual surprise on Sunday morning while making breakfast when she claims an image resembling Jesus and Mary appeared on her pancake.

Marilyn Smith, from Port St. Lucie, says she was about to put chocolate chips in her pancake, when she saw the divine outline appear.

Marilyn's daughter, Dana Okane, thinks the image is a message from God to tell the world to "clean up its act."

Dana, who thinks the holy pancake is a miracle, posted it on the online auction web site eBay and it sold on Tuesday for $338 dollars.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: Cbs4
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...It looks like a messy pancake.

If it was such a miracle... why did she sell it on ebay? lol .. Gotta love someone who can make a buck off a 'divine' sign from God.. way to go

It really makes me wonder whether they created this pancake on purpose just to sell it on eBay to make money…

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