Humanoid Robot Teaches Dentists to Feel People's Pain

Medical simulation robotJapan's future dentists may soon be able to better appreciate patients' pain by training on a humanoid robot that can mumble "ouch" when the drill hits a nerve.

The robot, resembling an attractive young woman with long black hair and a pink sweater, also can listen to instructions and react to pain by moving her eyes or hands.

The medical simulation robot, named "Simroid," is designed to be used for clinical training at dental schools.

The 160-centimeter (five-foot-three) robot can say "it hurts" and frown when it feels uncomfortable from the dental drill. It also has a sensor on the breast area that keeps track if it has been touched inappropriately, an engineer said.

Video: YouTube via Pink Tentacle
Source: Yahoo News
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Anonymous said…
I don't think these models will only be used for dentistry