'Just call me Mr Scissorhands'

Wang ZedongA barber in China has set a world record by cutting a customer's hair with 10 pairs of scissors simultaneously.

Wang Zedong, 41, of Jiujiang city, Jiangxi province, demonstrated his stunt in a television studio with hundreds of people, and Guinness officials, in the audience.

Wang says he started rehearsing this stunt to try to cope with the number of customers coming to his barber's shop. "At first, many customers had to wait more than an hour in my shop, so I had to find a way of cutting hair more efficiently," he said.

Instead of recruiting more staff, Wang trained himself to cut hair with more than one pair of scissors. He says he can actually now cut hair with as many as 18 pairs of scissors simultaneously, and with his eyes covered.

Source: Iol
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