Man Declared Brain Dead Wakes Up Just Before Organ Donation

The family of a 21-year-old man is celebrating a Thanksgiving miracle. A man once thought to be brain dead has regained consciousness.

When Zack Dunlap arrived at a hospital in Wichita Falls, Texas, his family was told to say their good byes. Dunlap suffered severe head injuries in an all-terrain vehicle accident.

Two days after the accident, doctors said he was brain dead. But, just as the nurse was preparing him for organ donation, Dunlap reached up and grabbed her arm.

A neighbor says the whole town was praying for his recovery and is convinced of Divine intervention.

Although Dunlap has a long way to go, he is on the road to recuperation.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: Ky3
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Jorgie said…
Authorities must scrutinize this hospital! How much money would they have made if they had sold this young man's body parts? I think there's actually sinister motives and fowl play going on here. I shiver at the thought of how many times it's happened before at the same hospital. The only miracle here is Zack woke up in time to stop them!!

-Jorgie, NYC