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Man Marries Dog

Selva Kumar and his 'wife'
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A 33-year-old man in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu has married a dog in a bid to ward off the "curse" of a canine couple he had killed 15 years ago.

Selva Kumar tied a 'mangal sutra' on the animal, petnamed Selvi, at a Ganesh temple in Manamadurai, about 50 km from, on Sunday.

Kumar, who vowed to protect Selvi all through its life, said he married the animal as per the advice of an astrologer. "I will take care if it till its death."

According to him, he had clubbed to death a dog-couple when they were mating and hung them on a tree when he was 18-years old.

After that incident, he suffered a stroke, he could not move his left arm and legs and turned deaf, Kumar said. "I am able to walk only with the help of a stick, he said.

Source: Dna
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