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Man with Horn-Like Growth on His Head

Ma Zhong NanMa Zhong Nan, a 93-year-old man living in a small village in China, recounts how a horn began to sprout on his head five years ago. Ma was combing his hair one day and carelessly injured his scalp. Because it was just a small wound, he did not pay much attention to it. Little did he expect that a thick, hard substance started to grow on his head. Since it did not bother him, he just ignored the growth. But the growth just kept getting bigger and harder, forming a horn of about 10cm (4 inches) long half a year later. Two weeks ago, Ma suddenly felt itching of the horn and his children brought him to see a doctor at the local hospital. But the doctor has no explanation for it. His children are now trying to seek help through the media.

Source: Shuangyashan
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it is a talenknobbel

Er... What is a 'talenknobbel'?

A knobbel with talen

I agree - probably a talenknobbel. The possibility of it being a wiskundeknobbel may not be discarded though, considering the placement towards the back of the head.

It's like a dutch saying.. If someone has a 'talenknobbel', he or she has talent for foreign language(s). loosely translated; Language-knob

it takes one to know waht it means..

I see! Thanks for the explanation! :)

Probably a hoax-knobbel

It's called actinic keratosis. It's a form of skin cancer, usually found only in the elderly. Combing his hair had nothing to do with it.

it's nano desu~!

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