Miracle Dog Survives Nine Days in Car Boot

10-year-old poochA 10-year-old pooch managed to survive a nine-day ordeal in the boot of a car without food or water.

Vets were amazed to find that Gale had survived, as dogs can only usually live without water for two days, and believe she may have gone into a state of near-hibernation by shutting down her body to preserve energy.

Ms Jones said: "It really is so lucky that she is alive. We think there must have been some water leaking into the boot somewhere or even some condensation, because otherwise she would not have made it."

The story of survival started when Gale had sought sanctuary in the boot of a car belonging to an odd job man who was carrying out work at Tamar's farm.

Tamar said "We were unloading items from the back of my friend's car when she was startled by the noise. She got into the boot, which we left open, I turned my back for five minutes and when I looked back she had gone."

But Tamar remained blissfully unaware that her pet had hidden behind a toolbox and could not be seen.

The odd job man, who asked not to be named, returned home with his car and ventured off on a week-long trip to London to visit friends – but had no idea that the dog was locked in the back of his car.

Source: Yorkshire Post
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