‘Miracle’ Recovery: Boy Falls on Deer Antler Piercing Eye Socket and Brain

One Wasatch County family is counting their blessings for the remarkable recovery of five-year-old Connor after he fell on a deer antler this summer.

Melissa Schick and her family were enjoying a boating and fishing outing when a happy time soon turned frantic. Connor found a deer antler and was carrying it back to show his family when he fell and the antler punctured connor's eye, penetrating his brain

On the outside it looked like a small cut, but doctors soon realized the injury went much deeper. "When they took the patch off his eye, it just swelled to about the size of a baseball,” said Connor's Mom. "My biggest panic: 'is my baby is going to lose eye sight in his eye'? He's not going to be able to see and that's just something you can't get back."

Connor was rushed to Primary Children's Medical Center with a gaping hole in the front of his brain that became infected. It took giving Connor strong doses of antibiotics for two straight months for that once-gaping hole in his brain to completely heal.

The antler not only missed connor's eye; it missed the muscles that control the eye and vital blood vessels to the brain.

Video: Breitbart
Source: Abc4
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