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The Mobile Smoking Shelter

The Mobile Smoking ShelterHotelier Chaz Charlton has invented the mobile smoking shelter. The mobile shelter - available to guests and staff - is an umbrella large and light enough for people to wear to cover their heads and shoulders.

Portland born and raised Mr Charlton, 41, said the idea was born of necessity. He said: "Basically, there was a planning issue when it came to putting up a smoking shelter. "Plus, the Clifton gets strong winds coming off the cliffs from behind the hotel, so we couldn't put a shelter up there or out the front.

"So we came up with these shelters as a way for people to stand out the front and smoke and not worry about the wind and rain so much."

The hotel now provides boxes filled with the mobile shelters' for its patrons' and staff members' to use as they need.

Source: Dorset Echo
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