More link for 15 Nov 2007

Scientists in Oregon say they've reached the long-sought goal of cloning monkey embryos and extracting stem cells from them, a potentially major step toward doing the same thing in people. [Yahoo News]
A fossilised bone dug up near Hastings 113 years ago has been recognised as a completely new family of dinosaur. [BBC]
Bacteria 'liars and cheats but loyal to their own family.' [Edinburgh News]
Taipei 101 elevator, fastest in the world. [Gizmodo]
Dutch police have made their first arrest of an online thief -- a 17-year-old accused of stealing virtual furniture from rooms in the Habbo Hotel -- a popular teenager networking Web site. [Yahoo News]
Indulge your 'inner' self with these 24k gold leaf capsules. Digest to increase self-worth. [Generate]