More links for 27 Nov 2007

Photopoly is a board game that you can customize by adding your own photographs. The rules of play are similar to Monopoly. [Photojojo via A Welsh View]
The MagLev wind turbine is expected take wind power technology to the next level with magnetic levitation. [Inhabitat]
10 amazing facts about dreams. [Listverse]
This quirky umbrella comes with a fitted screw-in drinking flask. [Swaineadeney via BB Gadgets]
Periodic Table shower curtain. [Firebox]
Most successful sniper in history. [Wikipedia]
Ancient written texts from the Middle East may reveal that the use of biological weapons dates back more than 3300 years. [New Scientist]


Why Go Sixty? said…
I have proof the MagLev wind turbine is really an automotive air filter :)
Spluch said…
It does look quite similar!