More links for 8 Nov 2007

Sculptures made of pizza go on show. [DailyMail]
An odd list of deep fried food including deep-fried Coca-Cola and deep fried cheesecake. [Aol]
Researchers have concluded that "The Look of Love" is, indeed, all in the eyes: looking directly at someone makes you more attractive to them. [Yahoo News]

Sunshine 'helps to keep you young' [Guardian]
Spain's blogging granny a hit with surfers. [The Age]
A list of office pranks. [Dark Roasted Blend]
College students accused of torturing man with freshly baked cookies. [Fox News]
Breastfeeding Boosts IQ In Infants. [ScienceDaily]
Mother sent stripper to schoolboy's classroom as birthday treat. [DailyMail]