The Overweight Hedgehog

The obese hedgehogThis hedgehog has grown so fat that he has been placed on a crash diet after he was handed in to a wildlife sanctuary.

At an incredible 2.2kg (4lb 13oz), George is the size of a football and weighs the same as a small baby.

The tame creature piled on the pounds by scoffing anything he could lay his hands on in the garden where he lived.

He was handed over to the Wildlife Aid centre because the volunteer who was looking after him thought he must be suffering from an illness.

But after a check-up it was found that he was simply obese. Now, he is being put on a diet of cat food to try to bring him down to about 600g (1lb 5oz), the weight of a normal hedgehog.

Staff at the centre, in Leatherhead, Surrey, say it could take up to six months of dieting and exercising to hit the target.

Nurse Sara Cowen said: 'We might need to find the world's smallest treadmill for him.'

Source: Metro
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Anonymous said…
Not so much a hedgehog. More a Porkpine... GEDDIT!??!