Pay Our £0 Bill or We Will Sue You

Mr AbramsA man has been threatened with court action - over a bill for £0.00.

Mr Abrams, who is in his 50s and lives alone, switched energy providers from Powergen to npower several months ago after receiving `disappointing'service from the firm. He heard nothing from Powergen until the legal warning notice came through the door.

The letter, dated October 19, warned Mr Abrams he owed the company £0.00 for gas and electricity and said if he did not pay up immediately he would be visited by a debt collection agency. It added that he could also be taken to court and, as a result, may find it difficult to obtain credit in future.

Powergen confirmed the letter had been sent out in error - but said Mr Abrams actually owed the company £502 after paying too little for his energy when the price went up.

A spokeswoman said the meter should have been recalibrated with the new prices.

Mr Abrams was told the bill would be reduced to £300 - to reflect the company's mistake - to be paid within two years. It was only when he refused to pay it that Powergen cancelled the claim altogether.

Source: Manchester Evening News
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LLY said…
The company made a fool of themselves =D