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Pedal-Powered Car Lands Artist in Court

pedal-powered Buick An artist whose pedal-powered Buick was pulled over by police on its maiden voyage through the streets of Toronto is taking his fight to court in the hopes of beating a traffic ticket issued for operating an unsafe vehicle.

The car, a 1986 Buick Regal, stripped of its engine, suspension and transmission, with votive candles for headlights, was pulled over on Oct. 25, nine blocks from the Mercer Union art gallery, where it is installed as part of a solo exhibition.

Part sculpture, and part quadracycle, artist Michel de Broin said his Shared Propulsion Car is an expression of a paradox - the big luxury American car, and pedal power, or the right to drive versus the right to pedal a car.

"I believe there is nothing in the law against this car," de Broin said from Berlin where he is currently working. "The problem is only the perception. Police can't accept a car to be modified and to be moving without petrol."

The car also moved without floorboards, windows, a license plate or driving lights, though the votive candles placed inside the headlights did stay lit, said driver Dean Baldwin - who only received his full license the day before the incident.

He faces a fine of anywhere from $60-500 for operating an unsafe vehicle.

Video: YouTube
Source: EdmontonJournal
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