Rabbit Adopts New Feline Family

Summer the rabbit and the kittensWhen veterinary nurse Melanie Humble took home a litter of abandoned kittens she might have expected her own cat, Ellie, to show an interest in helping to rear them.

But Ellie is distinctly nonplussed by the squawking interlopers and, instead, it has fallen to Melanie's other pet - Summer the rabbit - to share maternal duties.

Summer is only five months old, but to Melanie's surprise, she is showing remarkable patience with the six kittens who - at nearly five weeks old - are quickly finding their feet and proving to be holy terrors.

In fact, you could say Summer lets them walk all over her.

Melanie said "I think they think she's their mum. She's a big, fat rabbit and she just sits there quite happily and lets them climb all over her. It is lovely to see them all together."

Source: North Scotland

Update: Found a video!

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