Riddle Over When 'Fresh' Mummy Was Buried

MummyWith a blank stare and sunken cheeks, his expression is as enigmatic as his origins.

Discovered by a shepherd in a remote corner of China, this perfectly preserved mummy offers a tantalising glimpse into the past.

The corpse, believed to be a man of 40, was dressed in a blue and white robe and covered with a cotton quilt. His papery skin is virtually intact and his black hair is scraped back into a pony tail.

There are even signs of stubble on his face.

Some experts believe the man could have been lying under the soil for thousands of years.

Others say he could have died just centuries or decades ago.
As they wait for DNA tests to reveal his true age, scientists agree that his body has been well preserved by the salty, dry soil.

Source: DailyMail
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