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Tattoo Disaster Branded 'Gay'

Gay Premiers 2007A Geelong AFL fan has been left with a disastrous permanent reminder of his side's premiership triumph after a Thai tattooist inscribed his arm with the words "Gay Premiers 2007".

Instead of "Day Premiers 2007" as he wanted, hardcore Cats fan Neville found his message hopelessly lost in translation on a recent holiday to Phuket.

To make matters worse, the tattooist also managed to mistakenly ink Neville with the words "left arm" and "right arm" - but at least he got the correct arms.

Neville has told Southern Cross Radio he paid $150 to the tattooist for the privilege of having his arm inscribed - literally - with a gay icon.

Video after the jump.

Video: Mytalk
Source: Herald Sun & LiveNews
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