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'Titanic's' Happy Ending: Man Proposes Marriage While On a Life-Raft

Jan Henkel and girlfriend Mette LarsenAmong those who fled the stricken MV Explorer after she struck an iceberg was a Danish tourist who suddenly proposed to his girlfriend as they sat frozen in their life-raft. Happily, she accepted.

Aside from the fact that everyone made it back to dry land in one piece, the proposal of Jan Henkel, 42, to girlfriend Mette Larsen, 29, was the happiest story to emerge from the drama that began early on Friday.

Mr Henkel had planned to propose marriage when the Explorer arrived in Antarctica - but his plans were thrown into disarray when the ship was crippled by an iceberg.

At first he thought their lives might be over, but the couple both made it into a life-raft. And while his entire luggage was left behind, he had the engagement ring with him.

He suddenly produced the ring without saying a word. Mr Henkel said: "When she saw the engagement ring, she said, 'Yes, that would be really great!'

Source: Mercopress
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