Vehicle Hits Home, Stops a Foot from Baby's Crib

Kim and Quinn FoxA Kent County family is shaken up but uninjured after a vehicle crashed into their home and stopped just one foot from the baby's crib.

Kim and her husband Neven say it all happened just after they put Quinn and big sister, Bella, to bed. As they were all about to fall asleep, they heard a crashing noise.

When Kim went to check it out, she found debris all over Quinn's room. It was also in his crib. "So, I picked it up and grabbed him out of there and kept screaming my baby, my baby. I was shaking."

Quinn let out a few cries, but seemed o.k. That's when it dawned on Kim that a truck had hit the house. "Another foot and it would have hit the crib."

The car involved
As the Fox family looks back on what happened, they say they're just amazed Quinn wasn't hurt. "We're just thankful our son is with us and it wasn't his time to go. It could have easily been that", says Neven.

The driver of the truck suffered only minor injuries. She says she had swerved off the road to avoid a deer. Investigators now believe alcohol was a factor in the crash. The 49-year old Bailey woman was arrested on drinking and driving charges and will be arraigned November 19th.

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