Wanted: Black Bear Steals Minivan

Wanted: Yogi BearA black bear is on one New Jersey police department's most wanted list. He or she apparently broke into a minivan looking for chocolate and then took a little joyride.

The minivan in question was damaged, specifically a window where the bear apparently forced his way in. Vernon police officers have since made a "Wanted" poster, featuring a picture of "Yogi Bear."

Actually, everyone is having a little fun with this. The police do have a great sense of humor, and, yes, it was a bear that broke into Sharon Terzakis' minivan about 2 a.m. on Wednesday. The bear smelled a snack inside. What happened next isn't something you see every day.

"I believe the bear must have put its paw on the brake," Terzakis said. "The emergency brake -- and it popped and rolled backwards."

Terzakis said she may have left some Halloween candy inside the minivan.

Terzakis brought the car in for repairs. She is getting her deductible, but there is no exemption for "bears."

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Source: Wcbstv
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