Woman, 83, Loses Cash in Freak Accident

MoneyMary Olive Corbiere watched helplessly as a delivery truck drove away with her purse and $1,100 of her holiday shopping stash stuck under its wheel.

Corbiere had left a drugstore Tuesday and was putting her bags in her car when a wind gust pushed her shopping cart -- still containing her purse and cane -- into the back of a nearby delivery truck.

The cart somehow became stuck in a rear wheel before the truck pulled away and disappeared into traffic.

"Everything was normal, then I turned around and the cart had taken off," she said.

The cart was dragged for blocks along one of the town's busiest thoroughfares as the truck's driver, oblivious to what had occurred, headed to the next delivery. When the purse finally burst open, witnesses told police strangers stopped and grabbed the fluttering currency that Corbiere had withdrawn that day for holiday shopping and bills.

Officers found Corbiere's tattered checkbook, broken credit card and some other belongings -- but little cash.

Source: Boston
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