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The Wooden Car with a Split Personality

Wooden CarA Ukrainian man gave up his job, sold his two other vehicles and spent one and a half years in his garage to create his dream vehicle. His literally half-modern, half-retro car has a wooden body made of thousands of oak parts.

Vasily Lazarenko says the most difficult thing was to preserve the balance between the modern and vintage halves of his design, so that they didn’t clash with each other.

Under the wooden bonnet there’s a 1981 Opel with a 100-horse-power engine.

The wooden body was assembled with glue and bolts and is covered with five layers of waterproof and fire resistant lacquer.

Vasily is reluctant to reveal how much the project cost but says he'll consider selling the wooden car provided he gets enough money to pay for his next secret project.

More pictures after the jump.

Wooden Car
Wooden Car
Wooden Car
Wooden Car
Wooden Car
Video: YouTube
Source: RT

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Another wooden car (for kids) : Bugatti
To see more pictures clic on the 'Photos' link at the top of the page.

There is a Japanese wooden car Maniwa that was made by a furniture maker!

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