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World's Best Bottoms

There's never been a beauty contest like this: an international quest to find the world's best bottom.

That's what sloggi, one of the world's leading underwear brands, has organised in Munich, Germany, and overnight it hosted the finale of its global model contest "Show me your sloggi" to find the world"s most beautiful bottom.

A VIP jury chose two winners from 42 finalists of 26 countries.

The female winner was Kristina Dimitrova, 19, Bulgaria and the male winner was Andrei Andrei, 24, Romania were awarded the title "Most Beautiful Bottom in the World" by sloggi, a modelling contract for the next international sloggi campaign, EUR10,000 ($14,400) prize money and an insurance cover for their bottom.

Image Gallery: DailyTelegraph
Video: Reuters
Source: Adelaide Now
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Another one of my favorite subjects. I guess I can put up with male derrieres for one time in my life.

Thanks. Great post.

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