9-Year-Old Drives Stepdad To Safety After Heart Attack

A Brunswick, Maryland man is lucky to be alive after suffering a heart attack while driving. It's all thanks to his quick-thinking nine year-old daughter who drove her dad to safety.

Timothy Webber and his daughter Cheyanne were spending an evening at a hunt club in a remote part of town, far from the sound of passing cars or even cell phone service. Shortly after leaving for home, things went wrong. "When we got ready to leave I started having chest pains," said Webber.

He was having a heart attack. That's when Cheyanne took control of the car and drove nearly 10 miles (16km) to cell phone range. "I steered and I mostly pushed the gas and the brake," recalls the young girl.

On her dad's lap, Cheyanne drove their Ford pickup truck down some windy, narrow roads at looking for a place to pull over and call for help.

"And then I called Mom 'cause I found that I had service on the phone and then she said she was on her way to come pick us up," Cheyanne added.

Jessie drove Timothy to the hospital where doctors found his major artery to be 90 percent blocked.

Cheyanne said her dad taught her how to drive a tractor and once drove a car on private property, something she enjoys doing, but as for driving on main roads again, she plans to wait until she's 16.

Video: YouTube
Source: First Coast News
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