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Baby Miracle Refused Visa by NZ Govt

Doctors had told the parents of a Samoan baby born with severe facial deformities that she should be left to die within hours. The couple refused, secretly feeding their daughter in hospital with a plastic syringe, and four months later she lives.

The case quickly attracted supporters, moving the public in the Polynesian island nation of Samoa and in New Zealand to donate NZ$103,000 (£40,000) so that a full medical assessment could be carried out on baby Miracletina to determine her future. But the courage of her parents, Sefulu and Mikaele Nanai, and campaigners was tested again yesterday when the New Zealand authorities denied a visa to the baby girl for medical assistance, arguing that surgery would not help.

Miracletina was born with a malformed nose and mouth that prevent her suckling, a double cleft palate, mis-shapen eyes, no fingers, deformed feet and spina bifida.

Campaigner Taufau Gardenia Aukuso, who has raised the $103,000 from communities in NZ and Samoa, is still hoping that Baby Miracle will be allowed in for treatment.

Video: YouTube
Source: Times Online via Arbroath
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