Bean Sprouts Growing in a Tomato?

Bean sprout growing in tomatoMs Li was cutting open a tomato when she discovered bean sprouts growing in it. Initially, she thought that the tomato was rotten but later realized that they are actually bean sprouts growing to a length of 8 cm. Experts from the local agriculture department said that it is very rare to see bean sprouts growing naturally inside a tomato.

Update: I agree with Leo who says that this is more likely to be tomato plant sprouts from tomato seeds.

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Leo said…
more likely they are tomato plant sprouts from tomato seeds. We grow tomatoes in our garden and this happens all the time, still fine for eating though. :)
Spluch said…
You are probably right. :)
Chuy said…
I grow tomatoes in my garden too, Leo. I've actually seen tomato seeds sprout inside an unopened tomato fruit. I have very experience posted on my blog. Check the link :

By the way, I love your blog Spluch.
Spluch said…
Thanks for your support, Chuy!