Bird Lives Twice As Long As Average Thanks to Whiskey

Pickachu the budgieA budgie has lived to the grand age of 10 — thanks to his love of whisky.

Pickachu has lived twice as long as the average budgie and his owners Lisa Morrison and hubby Gordon reckon it’s down to the odd drink.

The bird clamps himself onto the side of Gordon’s glass and helps himself by dipping his head into the drink.

Lisa, 28, a carer from Boddam in Aberdeenshire, said: “He absolutely loves whisky. “He’s just like a human.

After a couple of sips he gets all happy and starts singing but if he goes over his limit he starts biting. He’s unreal.

“We reckon that’s why he’s lived so long. It’s not called the water of life for nothing.”

Video after the jump.

Source: The Sun
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