Canned Food Art

An In-Can-Venient TruthHow many cans does it take to build a peacock? A polar bear? The Mona Lisa? A group of architects, engineers and designers know. They've put together a group of amazing sculptures as part of the "Canstruction" canned food drive. The cans are ultimately donated to local food programs.

At the design center in midtown, judges had a lot to can-sider, with entries like gumball machines, piggy banks, dominoes and the Loch-can Ness monster. Scotch tape and tension rods hold the sculptures together. This year's winner was the polar bear. That exhibit was called "An In-Can-Venient Truth!"

More pictures of past sculptures can be found after the jump.

Image Gallery: Canstruction
Video: LiveLeak
Source: First Coast News
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