Driver, 94, Quits After 82 Flawless Road Years

Muriel GladwinShe taught herself to drive at the age of 12 by taking the family Model Ford T for secret spins on the fields around their home. But, after more than 75 years of unblemished driving on the open road, Muriel Gladwin has put the brakes on what could well be the longest no-claims record in British motoring history.

For the 94-year-old says wants to retire from the wheel still being able to boast that she's not had a single bump or picked up so much as a speeding ticket in nearly eight decades of happy motoring.

"I've driven hundreds of thousands of miles and still have a completely clean record so I want to give it up for good before I have an accident," she said.

"I think it's because I always keep my eyes wide open and stick to the rules of the road like glue. If the limit is 40mph, I drive at 40 mph, and I always make sure I have my foot at the ready to brake."

Over the years she has driven cars, vans and motorbikes and the daredevil pensioner celebrated her 85th and 90th birthdays by going up in a microlite aircraft and trying out a quad bike.

Source: This Is Somerset
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