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The Futuristic Mobile Phone That Can Buy Your Clothes for You

NokiaA revolutionary new mobile phone will soon be able to let shoppers snatch a photo of clothes they want before ordering them online.

Nokia is currently developing the device which lets you buy clothes, furniture or holidays in the High Street - without going into a store.

Buyers can avoid queuing at the checkout and even buy clothes simply by looking through a shop window and taking a photo of the window display.

The phone then uses image recognition software to find the same object on the Internet.

Within seconds, the phone's browser loads the shop's Internet store, allowing consumers to buy the item online.

The items can then be delivered to your front door within 24 hours.

Ordering food from a menu written in a foreign language is now set to become a whole lot easier too.

The phone will also have an application which scans a menu and automatically translates thousands of food-related words in seconds.

Source: DailyMail
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