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Giant Spiderbot Antbot

Giant spiderbotIn the works for a decade and a half, this insect like walking machine constructed by a Finnish subsidiary of John Deere is supposed to be an eco-friendly, log-hauling monstrosity; its six massive legs spreads the weight of the machine evenly, the company claims, to minimize any impact on the forest soil. When the machine confronts obstacles, it simply steps over them, avoiding significant ground disturbance and minimizing damage to tree roots.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: DefenseTech
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why do u call it a spider the vid only show 6 legs last time i checked spiders had 8 legs

but do you see how slow it moves?? no kidding its eco friendly

I seem to remember a tv program on these things a good few years ago - possibly a tomorrows world or the like.

They are on the spider legs so they dont damage the ground and be able to move around other obstacles.

first post. wouldn't tank style tracks be more efficient? Unless of course the thing can climb the trees' it's cutting...

spiders have 8 legs, ants have only 6. this "spiderbot" only has 6...

You guys are right... Antbots would be more appropriate... as such the change of title.

tree harvesters now have huge tires that leave big ruts and destroy wildlife, tracks dont work cause they put too much pressure in one spot and sink in the mud...this would be a great innovation to the industry!

How can something that aids the logging industry be "eco friendly"??

Seriously...who cares what it's called.

honestly why does it matter what its called but i s'pose if you HAD to be specific you could call it an antbot. as for eco friendlyness in conjunction to the logging industry... thanks to a recent study done by the EPA and the logging industry we now know that we have MORE trees in the US than what we had in the 1800s and logging companies grow GIANT tree 'farms' and for every tree they chop down they grow at least one new one to replace it. and that's what this is designed for and it IS a great idea, albiet in need of some refinement

What the comment says above mine is true. I am in the industry and there are absolutely massive plantations that were designed exclusively to grow and harvest trees. Birch tree plantations can harvest millions of logs per year with a cycle of 7-10 years. This "spiderbot" would give the soil a break for sure, but it moves way too slow. By the way, the 'logging' industry is more correctly termed the "Forest Products Industry."

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