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Kangaroo Attacked by Shark

A paddling kangarooMick Boucher, was kite-boarding on Fishermans Beach late on Saturday afternoon when he saw a kangaroo or wallaby hop on to the beach from the dunes.

Mr Boucher said the animal, which seemed dazed, stood at the edge of the water for about 10 seconds and then started swimming out to sea. "It was bobbing up and down," Mr Boucher said.

About 10 or 15 other people were on the beach watching the kangaroo, he said, including a young girl who tried to swim out and rescue the roo, fearing it would drown.

Mr Boucher said the unfortunate marsupial was about 200m from shore when the shark struck.

He said the predator's back was clearly visible above the choppy waves as it launched its attack. ''It wasn't a huge shark,'' he said. ''And it was too far out to see clearly, but it was a shark.

The Great Ocean Road Coast Committee confirmed workers had removed a dead kangaroo from the beach on Tuesday and buried it.

Source: News.com.au
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