Man Finds $100K in Stocks inside Sale Cabinet

Fred Pietrowski was shopping at a local yard sale for a filing cabinet to store his tools when he brought one for $2.

When Pietrowski took it home he discovered $100,000 in stocks and bonds

"I thought that they were just old papers that, you know, were just thrown away," Pietrowski said. "And then I started seeing all this fancy scroll work with the orange scroll. And one says $50,000, the other says $15,000; I go 'whoa, wait a minute.'"

Included in the paperwork are release papers that transfers ownership of the stocks and bonds to whoever finds them. Pietrowski however says that he plans to return the money to the original owners.

"We've had Christmas' where it was hard to put food on the table, and to take money away from somebody, especially if it was their grandparents or someone, [it's] just not right," Pietrowski said.

If he cannot locate the owners, Pietrowski says that he plans to donate most of it to charity.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: Eagle Tribune & Msnbc
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