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Man Makes Tower Bridge Out Of 1.6 Million Matches

Tower Bridge Made from MatchsticksMichael Williams spent 10 painstaking years designing and building a famous London landmark...out of matchsticks.

The 41-year-old road layer from Shoebury in Essex created a complete replica of London's Tower Bridge out of 1.6million matches.

He spent every evening after work lovingly crafting the 6ft-long structure which twinkles with 156 working lights.

The replica has two household bulbs lighting up the two towers and an illuminated 52 gun galleon underneath. It is lit up with long-life LED bulbs which last for 100,000 hours.

He now plans to sell the model to fund a studio and his next top secret project.

Tower Bridge Made from Matchsticks
Source: DailyMail
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What would happen if someone lit one of the matches?

A spectacular fire outbreak... but seriously, who would want to do that to such a beautiful piece of artwork in the first place...

This guy is amazing...what talent, that bridge is awesome. I found he's got a website you may want to visit, its got some real good pics of the bridge on it
Go and see for yourself!

Looks especially cool when it is lighted up... thanks for the link! :)

hey no problem glad you liked the link. Here's another newsflash for you - this model is now on ebay! Visit www.ebay.co.uk and select community - enter micksmatch66 and verification code provided. You'll be surprised at how much it could sell for. Keep watching!


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