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Mice Force Car off The Road

Clifford BirdClifford Bird's immaculate silver MG is his pride and joy.

So when the car started experiencing engine problems he booked it straight into the garage to get it checked over.

Warned that he might be looking at a bill of several hundred pounds for a new exhaust catalyst, the 75-year-old waited nervously for the engineer's verdict.

But Mr Bird, from Diss, was shocked after staff at the town's John Grose garage revealed they had cracked the problem - after finding five and a half pounds of peanuts under the car's bonnet.

Mr Bird and his wife Yvonne are bird lovers and they keep a sack of bird feed and a sack of peanuts in their garage where the car is also kept.

He believes that mice are to blame for completely filling the car's air cleaner with peanuts.

Source: Eadt via Peculiarosities
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