More links for 14 Dec 2007

Science & Tech:

A snow plowing train that runs through the snow with no problem at all. [Maniac World]
The hi-tech football that tells referees when it has crossed the line. [DailyMail]
A billboard that 'whispers' a spooky message audible only in your head. [Adage] A video which explain how this works. [LiveLeak]
Sony on Thursday unveiled a prototype digital camera shaped like a pizza cutter with a wheel that can be turned to generate enough power to take pictures. [Yahoo News]
Cellphone user rings up $85,000 bill. [Globe & Mail]
Recent breakthroughs in scramjet engines could mean two-hour flights from New York to Tokyo. [Popular Science]
In The Matrix, hero Neo wins his battles when time slows in the simulated world. In the real world, accident victims often report a similar slowing as they slide unavoidably into disaster. But can humans really experience events in slow motion? [Eurek Alert]


A Queensland toddler was apparently saved from drowning by his family's pets after he fell into a dam. [Ninemsn]
Hunter’s camera captures images of a ‘unicorn deer.’ [Buffalo News]
A male swan who was shunned by females due to his oddly deformed neck may finally have found a girlfriend after seven years of waiting. [Sky News]
A cat survived jumping 70 feet (21 meters) from a tree after spending 10 days trapped on branches. With video! [Kero23]
Stray cat brings disease to family. With video! [Wlwt]
Two scorpions that scurried across the cabin aisle of a Vietnam Airlines plane panicked passengers and delayed the domestic flight by two hours. [Rte]
Scientists searching for fossils high in the Andes mountains in Chile have unearthed the remains of a tank-like mammal related to armadillos that grazed 18 million years ago. [Yahoo News]


The average woman's handbag now weighs the same as five bags of sugar. [DailyMail]
Is Hitler’s child living in Britain? [The Sun]
A school custodian's impromptu after-hours karaoke performance prompted a police response when a teacher thought she was being threatened over the loudspeaker. [Wcbstv]
Romanian man discovers authorities declared him dead eight years ago. [Cbc]
Artist exhibits slabs of human excrement at London gallery. [Msnbc]