More links for 15 Dec 2007

A really weird poodle exercise video for humans. [YouTube]
A Christmas grotto made of chocolate is tantalising tastebuds. [Clip Syndicate]
A 10 feet (3 meter) high Transformers Optimus Prime costume. [YouTube]
You can own a sea lion masterpiece. [Sun Times]
A 24-year-old man has been spending much of the past several days sitting inside a giant inflatable snow globe attempting to break a world record. [Cleverland Leader]
Man Selling soul on eBay for $1 million. [Sky News]
A drunken man urinating through a fence got a nasty surprise when a playful puppy in the adjoining lot latched onto his member. []
Divers believe they have discovered the 300-year-old remains of a ship once captained by the notorious British pirate Captain Kidd. [Telegraph]