More links for 18 Dec 2007

MIT cyclists set record for pedal-powered supercomputing. With video! [Gizmodo]
Grad students to create Splinter, the wooden supercar. [Autoblog]
The magnificence of dawn breaking: An amazing picture. [DailyMail]
Five freaky creatures with human faces and features. [Inventor Spot]
Scientists have argued for a long time that there are more than four tastes which we can experience. The fifth taste is named 'umami'. [Npr]
8 fairy tales and their not-so-happy endings. [Mental Floss]
'Oldest human being' dies at 116. [BBC]
The sQuba concept is the world's first diving car. [Autoblog]
A collection of KitKats from all over the world. [Flickr]
The Saudi king has pardoned a female rape victim sentenced to jail and 200 lashes. [BBC]
The latest act of senseless violence caught on tape is cosmic in scope: A black hole in a "death star galaxy" blasting a neighboring galaxy with a deadly jet of radiation and energy. With video! [LiveLeak]