More links for 2 Dec 2007

A new toilet-training system claims to teach cats how to use the bathroom just like humans. With video! [DailyMail]
The Westminster City Council launched a new SMS message service that will guide Londoners and tourists to their nearest public lavatory. [Ibt]
An American TV host who traveled to the Himalayas to film a show on the mysterious yeti said Sunday he took castings from three footprints that could prove the legendary giant ape exists and is living on Mount Everest. [Yahoo News]
Fermented soybean-coffee jelly-fresh cream sandwiches an unexpected hit in Japan. [Mainichi]
Astrology may usually be dismissed as a harmless superstition, but scientists are discovering that the date when we are born really can affect our later lives. [Telegraph]
A teenager's school science project has exposed multiple antibiotic-resistant bugs in fresh chicken sold in supermarkets. [Stuff]
Web site seeks to reunite gloves, owners. [Yahoo News]