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More links for 20 Dec 2007

Pictures of the iris. [Art-Dept]
How to make your own BristleBot. With video! [Evil Mad Scientist]
Alien ants devour locals, then go vegetarian. [Msnbc]
Dubai building $1 billion Robotic Jurassic Park. [Slashfilm]
Toronto's smallest house. [Madconomist]
Woman ticketed after goats caught mating. [Nbc5]
Will your tongue really stick to a frozen flagpole?. [LiveScience]
Spy planes to recharge by clinging to power lines. [New Scientist]
Boy, 9, granted shotgun license by police. [This Is London]
Social networking website Facebook has made it into the 2008 edition of the Collins English Dictionary as both a noun and a verb. [The Sun]
The house with 10,000 fairy lights. [Metro]


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