More links for 25 Dec 2007

Bullet removed from man, 30 years after he was shot. [Ap]
Most hilarious guitar design ever. [Guitar Made Easy]
Helicopter for one can be folded up, carried by one person. [Gizmodo]
Nuclear waste could provide 60 per cent of UK's electricity until 2060. [Guardian]
An island in Palau with 20,000 inhabitants to get its electricity from a laser in space. [Ap]
A former New York doorman who slipped on a pile of pigeon droppings on a subway station's stairs has been awarded six million dollars in compensation. [Yahoo News]
Unwrapping the miraculous logistics behind operation Christmas. [Wired]
Trailer light show. [Yahoo Video]
Bacon Cheese Baconburger. [Speakeasy]
Interesting reviews for an average ball point pen. [Amazon]
Wrecked jet-powered car for sale on eBay. [Jalopnik]
A great song about Digg. [YouTube]