More links for 29 Dec 2007

Why do people eat dirt? [Spiegel]
Vets remove 11lbs (5kg) of hair from matted dog in three-hour operation. [DailyMail]
A cafeteria worker in Brownsville who for years made a point of being kind to a sometimes picky customer has received $50,000 and a car from him. [Cnn]
The six-year-old bull that weighs more than a Mini Cooper (2,458lbs/1,115kg) or a BMW 3-series (3,053lbs/1,384kg) and he is still growing. [Telegraph]
A Phoenix woman got a ceramic vase as a Christmas gift that was meant to hold the cremated remains of a stranger. [LiveLeak]
The cafeteria wall illusion is built into the face of a building in Melbourne. The orange floor lines are actually parallel. [Wikipedia]
Swimming pools, volleyball and massages... just a normal day at the office for Google staff. [DailyMail]