More links for 4 Dec 2007

Cute dog hanging around outside cafe trieste in san francisco... looking for someone to love him. [Flickr]
Feeling sad can be good for you. [DailyMail]
A new underwater memorial reef set to open off the coast of Florida is part of an emerging trend for offbeat burials, sending people to new frontiers after they die, from outer space down to the ocean floor. [LiveScience]
A cargo plane converted into a bar. [GoSleepGo]
Swedish engineers have concluded that Santa Claus lives in Kyrgyzstan and must spend no more than 34 microseconds (┬Ás) delivering Christmas presents to each of the world's 2.5 billion homes with children. [Man & Guardian]
A teaspoon of honey works better for children than cough medicine. [Fox News]
The most shocking things ever found inside of a dog’s stomach. [Dog Reflections]
The mystery of the prehistoric stone balls. [Natural History]
The same microwave radiation that reheats pizza can be used to fry the electrical systems in cars, stopping them dead in their tracks. [Discovery]
How physical characteristics can predict your long-term well-being [DailyMail]


Cutest dog in a cone!