Mother Marries Foster Son

Julia Gregg and Krenar LleshiIt could hardly have been a quieter wedding, with just two witnesses, one bridesmaid and a dog.

But that was the way Julia Gregg, 34, wanted it when she married 21-year-old Krenar Lleshi - seven years after she and her ex-husband took him into their home as a foster son.

The couple looked after the teenage Kosovan after he was smuggled into Britain in the back of a lorry.

Miss Gregg grew increasingly attached to Krenar as he battled to be allowed to stay in the country.

After she and her husband Steve Crandon, 38, split up, she began a love affair with Krenar when he turned 19 and a year later they had a child together.

The couple married on Christmas Eve at their local church, St Anne's in Nantyglo, South Wales, with their one-year- old daughter, Hattie, as bridesmaid, and their dog, Cupe (the name is Albanian for "little girl") as a guest.

Source: This Is London
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