NYC Doorman Suspended For Bad Breath

A Manhattan doorman has been suspended for having bad breath.

Jonah Seeman, who has been ushering tenants into a four-building complex on East 89th Street for 40 years, was told not to come to work Friday because of halitosis.

Seeman said he has stopped eating garlic, uses mouthwash and takes breath mints on the job. The Brooklyn resident, who supports his 81-year-old mother, has been suspended twice before for bad breath — one day in May and then again in July.

Apartment dwellers at the Gracie Gardens complex expressed surprise over Seeman's suspension and came to his defense.

"His job, which he does well, is opening the door — not to be opening his mouth," said Adam Reingold.

The union that represents Seeman has filed a grievance in the case.

Video: LiveLeak
Source: Yahoo News
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